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Video selection from my video installation, “Playing with Process”




Video selection from my video installation, “Playing with Process”


thaumatrope stills screen capture



From August through December, I worked on a semester-long project for an advanced Scultpture class that was to become a video installation that I felt was a success. I’ll share some footage from it soon. … Meanwhile, here is a video that didn’t make the cut, but it is one that I still enjoy.



I Was A Little Girl

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In a past documentary series, She Plays, I photographed my daughter during different times of her personal creative play. I am intrigued by her creative problem solving while she is in her own world of play. Though man-made items are provided for her playtime, she is quick to repurpose a given object to her advantage. While a wand is simply a wand in one moment, it becomes a microphone in the next, which then becomes a gasoline nozzle in the moment after that. During this time of observation, I often remember how I used to play, and how I repurposed objects and spaces to my advantage.

In, I Was A Little Girl; I placed my daughter in scenes to introduce her to the playtime of the girl that I was and to have her reenact an activity. In the series, the subject becomes a dual character — that of herself and that of a child that came before her. The scenes are both observed and directed. I allowed her to interact on her own to some extent, but she was also given slight direction.

I edited the digital images with Photoshop adjustments, and to further suggest a feeling of time or memory, I created an original filter and used Photoshop blending modes to add the illusion of surface texture to the photograph (which is visible on the actual prints themselves).


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The B&Ws … Same Concept

Untitled (A Few Favorites That Don’t Quite Belong In The Latest Series)

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