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Unwritten Future — The Tale of the Unfortunate Fly

I made a peculiar discovery today. A gross but comical and intriguing discovery. A discovery that involves a normal unimpressive red grading pen and a normal unimpressive housefly.






While on the computer earlier, something about the pen caught my attention out of the corner of my eye. At first I thought one of my children punched a hole into an eraser with the end of the pen. Then, I thought that somehow some thread ended up in the tip. I stopped just short of picking the thread out with my fingernails when I realized what was in the end of the pen! (*shiver)

A fly!

A fly?!?

No way!

Well that couldn’t happen if you tried!

I recall the pen getting separated from the cap. I’ve had the cap on my dresser for awhile, waiting to find it’s missing mate. I found the pen the other day and capped it.

We have been remodeling our living room, dining room and kitchen. And with the remodel … flies make their way in through open doors and windows. I suppose this guy found his way into inside the cap. And when I capped the pen. Well, unfortunately, the fly was trapped unknowingly. (*yuck!) He apparently attempted an escape, but to no avail.













Video selection from my video installation, “Playing with Process”



Video selection from my video installation, “Playing with Process”


thaumatrope stills screen capture



From August through December, I worked on a semester-long project for an advanced Scultpture class that was to become a video installation that I felt was a success. I’ll share some footage from it soon. … Meanwhile, here is a video that didn’t make the cut, but it is one that I still enjoy.




Not Giving This A Title – Nope, Not Gonna’ Do It


June 30 – Day 30

We made it!  My 8 yr. old daughter and I fulfilled our commitment to a 30 day photo-a-day challenge!  Some days were a lot more fun than others (when you are in the mood, you get a little more creative, perhaps?).



June 28 – Day 28

We went out at dusk looking for some purple flowers that we didn’t realize close up in the evening.  We had so much fun, though.  Our little walk made my daughter uncomfortable because we were “too close to the woods”.  But then, we were distracted by the fireflies, which took us back and forth all over the yard — which then made our cat extremely hyper!

Anyhow, the first image was accidental, but it was my daughter’s pick for the day.