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Video selection from my video installation, “Playing with Process”



High-Def Hypnosis

One day, while watching television, I caught myself in somewhat of a hypnotic, meditative state.  My husband was laughing about a scene on a sitcom, and I have to admit that although I was watching the same show he was, I had no idea what happened.  I was so busy thinking on something else that I wasn’t even absorbing the information from the television, except for maybe in my subconscious.

I then pondered on the fact that the images flashing before me became mental fuzz, which made me then think on photographer Hiroshi Sugimoto’s work with photographing movie palaces and drive-ins.  His architectural documents are also theoretical, in that the photographer is presenting a full-length movie in a single frame.

I then began to wonder what could happen if I loosely nuanced the theoretical side of Sugimoto’s work by photographing scenes displayed on a television screen.  My purpose was to visually capture several exposures in one frame, but to also create interesting compositions and thus simulate the hypnotic effect that a television tends to induce.  Instead of creating a descriptive document, I wanted to capture abstractions of images coming through the television screen through scene changes or movement.

These resulting images demonstrate the visual result of my experimentation.  I found that when I extended the exposure time, not only would I capture choppy motion blur in some shots, but multiple exposures in other shots.  And at times, I would get both effects in one frame.  By doing this and continuously shooting, I found that I had to rely on happy accidents and that each frame that I exposed was a “shot in the dark” as it were.  I couldn’t predict how each frame would turn out, which was really intriguing to me.

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Constructed Photograph Series (2)

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Constructed Photograph Series (1)

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