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Two Thousand What?

Here is the deal. I love hand-drawn type — my skills are not refined. I am literally quite elementary at it.

You have to start somewhere to improve, though. Right? And in such cases, someone has to be on the receiving end of another’s creativity. The following images are from a hand-drawn 2015 calendar that I made for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for Christmas. It’s nothing fancy, but I enjoyed the final result. I hope they do as well.

Two thousand what





Meet Smitty!

Meet Smitty!  He is our elf, passed down to me from my Grandma Smith (hence the name).  We had to feed him cinnamon and name him to get his magic back.  It had been so long, though, since he was “on duty”– we weren’t sure if it would work.  Fortunately, it did, and Smitty has been very busy!  It has been quite a treat to wake every morning and find what he has been up to.