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Chemigram Landscapes, Cameraless Photography



“a fond memory of the future”  2015                                               20″ x 16″ Chemigram Silver Gelatin Print

                                        Tabitha Berry



“the tide came in to listen”  2015                                                       20″ x 16″ Chemigram Silver Gelatin Print

                                        Tabitha Berry



“we all fancy things unreal”  2015                                                     20″ x 16″ Chemigram Silver Gelatin Print

                                        Tabitha Berry



Untitled, 2015                                                                                    20″ x 16″ Chemigram Silver Gelatin Print

                                        Tabitha Berry



I ❤ Gum Printing

It’s been several months since I have been able process Gum Bichromate prints. I’m in love with the process and I’m ready to get back to it! Unfortunately, I’m still a student, so the equipment is only available during semester sessions. Thus, I’m in search of an UV exposure unit so I can continue processes such as this at home and explore with other materials. Here are my “successful” beginner prints (I say “successful” because there is obviously a lot to learn still, but I’m very happy with how they turned out):

I also had the privilege of showing these at a local gallery as well as a newspaper interview.

pinion 1



Gum Bichromate Beginnings

Here are my beginnings of the experience that IS: Gum Bichromate.

Original Image:  B&W Medium Format

















Digital Image Design (The texture is a result of how the image was translated after being cropped)


















The following images were taken with my cellphone, so pardon the quality.

Tricolor print from one greyscale negative.


Magenta Pass (In the wash — bad light)


















Yellow Pass


















Final Pass: Cyan (Blue pigment)  I think the pigment mixture was too thick.

I smoothed the layer with a Hake Brush, but it still bubbled. I do, however, love

the rich sepia tone!



















CMYK Separation

“K” Pass – Black


















“Y” Pass — Yellow


















“M” Pass — Red


















“C” Pass — Blue

















I’m not sure why there is more “Magenta” reading through than the “Cyan” separation (compared to the digital design that I did the CMYK separation negatives).  I also think I need to run another “K” pass.  I’m thinking either some of it washed away after developing the other passes, or it just looks too weak compared to the other color passes.

All in all though, I feel that these are pretty successful for my first Gum Prints.  I also realize that I have to embrace the results — that I cannot totally control the results, but learn from them …