relaxed happenings of a photographic and mixed media sort


Hello! My name is Tabitha Berry. I have a Bachelor of Fine Arts with an emphasis in Photography.  I find great joy in experimentation and combining various elements in photography — both digitally and in the dark room. While working through various techniques, I find that I get lost in the process, and my drive to explore and create intensifies.

I tend to create scenarios in my mind when trying to figure something or someone out. I suppose this is the reason that I particularly enjoy fictional and narrative photography. While descriptive images can be quite nice, I am intrigued by a photograph that calls the viewer to discover and participate in the account.

I thoroughly enjoy observing other artists of all kinds. Though I may not relate to a particular artist, or quite understand what their art is about, I am always inspired by their drive to create and express what is impossible or not easily put into words.


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